Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clear Conscience ~ Acts 24:16

"In view of this, "I also do my best to maintain always a blameless conscience both before God and before man." ~ Acts 24:26

Have you ever noticed that when you are about to do something that you know is wrong, there is this voice within us that tells us it is wrong? Do you listen to this voice? My struggle is that I do not always pay attention. It is so foolish to not listen because this little voice is constantly accurate! This voice I am talking about is your conscience, it is a ‘God fashioned’ early alert system designed to keep us out of danger. So why do we find it so hard, at times, to listen to it?

Every time we are about to make an important decision, we should be still and vigilantly listen to this calm voice inside us. It may be so appealing to do otherwise, we will be tempted to reject our better judgment and discount our conscience. But keep in mind; a conscience is a dreadful thing to squander! If we pay careful attention to our conscience, instead of ignoring it, we will save ourselves many headaches and heartbreaks. If you take note right now you will detect that your conscience is attempting to direct you. So STOP, LISTEN and LEARN what God desires you to do.

Holy Father in Heaven, You have given me a conscience that knows right from wrong. Instruct me to pay attention and have faith in this early warning devise, permit me to live in accord with Your wisdom, not for the moment but forever and always. I pray this through Your Son, my Magnificent Counselor and Moral Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Amen